The Wedding Party 


Melissa Mather


Maid of Honor

Growing up Mellissant and I were polar opposites: She liked orange juice, I liked guava juice.  She liked chocolate ice-cream, I liked strawberry ice-cream and the list goes on. 

Being three years older than me, she wanted her privacy and I longed to be noticed by her.  I admired her and I wanted to be her friend, not just her sister. 

Over the years, I have come to realize that not only do we have far more in common than I once believed, but we also have a special bond unlike any other relationship.  Melissa has such an encouraging nature and a truly generous heart.  She is consistently there for me and she always accepts me just as I am -no matter what pickle I find myself in.   

I am so proud to call her not only my sister, but my friend and Maid of Honor as well.

Thank you Mel


Oy Vey!

Best Man

Charles Parr

Charles is my big brother, my first hero and the man who had my back growing up more than I realized — sometimes not

by choice but by imposition.     

The first time I slipped into the Blanco River, too young to know I was about to be swept away and drown, it was his hand that plunged into the water to grab and save me. 

Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to be “a big boy” just like him.  I never felt more special than when sitting next to him in his Chevelle SS, running down North New Braunfels

with the 8-track blaring the Stones 'Exile on Main Street' or whatever he had in the deck.  He gives me reason to return

to my home town, where he lives in San Antonio, Texas.   

He has made himself a successful professional and among the most respected leaders in international merger and acquisition practice and tax policy in the United States by his sheer

talent, determination and grit. 

Many times he provided needed cover for me, in a difficult home environment, without which I would not have had the opportunities I've had.  He appreciates a good glass of

whisky, premium cigars and good music.  He loves fast high performance automobiles, is a dead shot, works a pump shotgun like a machine gun, and has been gracious to me in reconciling misunderstanding. 

I am privileged he is willing to stand beside me.



Jules Emme Mather 


Petal Patrol

We are honored and thrilled to announce

that our Sugarbush accepted the role of Flower

Girl for our Special Day.

Jules is 10 years old and with three older brothers

as siblings, she is a fearless, courageous and determined warrior.  Jules is one of a kind!  

She is both fierce and gentle at the same time 

and she is definitely the most positive person

we know.   

We are delighted that she is willing to sport 

a beautiful flower girl dress and adorn the

ceremony aisle with rose petals for

her Aunt gJue gJue.

Drink Bearer

Cameron Storm Mather 

We are grateful and excited to announce

that our amazing Cammy accepted the most important role in all of the wedding shenannigans! 

 Cameron is 12 years old and he has a heart

of gold.  Not only is he a determined and talented competitor in all he does, he also 

has a beautiful, gentle soul, making him one

of the most caring guys we know. 

 We are honored that Cameron is willing to ensure that our "hydration" needs are met every step of the way during our wedding.

Wedding Photographer

Walter F. Mather 

With over 19 years of experience producing stunning images across the globe, Walter is also a creative and artistic Cinematographer,  working as Director of Photography on many of today’s top adventure-based reality TV shows for National Geographic, Netflix, Discovery, History Channel and more.


Always smiling, bright and cheery, Walt is the guy everyone wants to be around.  His positive attitude and solid work ethic are to be admired, and he is often labelled the “last man standing” – even in our late-night family poker games!  Walt is a kind and very generous brother-in-law and he always has my best interest at heart.  He is the loving husband of my sister, Melissa, and the doting father of my 3 nephews and niece. 


We are very grateful to Walt for being so willing to help us out with the photography at our Wedding – even though it will be his own well-deserved vacation time.  


Thank you Walt!

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 11.44.33 PM.png

Wedding Makeup & Hair

Makeup Mandy 

Mandy is a true expert in her field, designing beauty looks and helping clients rock the red carpet and beyond.  Determined, professional and courageous, Mandy is considered a pioneer in the field of eyelash extensions in addition to her high-profile skin and makeup work. She is the CEO of Makeup Mandy, which is known as “The Eyelash Bar to the Stars.”


Mandy and I met almost 19 years ago and instantly became the best of friends.  Her magnetic personality and hysterical sense of humor are infectious.  We have embarked on many journeys together and have so many fond memories!  Mandy is a loyal, caring and genuine friend and I am utterly delighted that she will not only beautify me on my Wedding Day but will be right by my side for the most important day of my life. 


Thank you Mands!