"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."   

 -Dr. Seuss

Her Story: 


Boy needs personal trainer.  Girl needs clients. 

Boy is paired with Girl at gym.  Girl trains Boy three times a week. 

Boy attends all his workouts.  Boy & Girl become acquaintances.  

Boy & Girl share same dark humor.  Boy & Girl become buddies.

Boy & Girl share same morals & beliefs.  Boy & Girl become friends.

Boy helps Girl through rough patch.  Boy & Girl trust each other. 

Boy helps Girl through grief and loss.  Boy & Girl become good friends. 

Girl helps Boy through pain & loss. Boy & Girl become best friends. 

Boy & Girl start smiling again.  Boy & Girl even laugh out loud. 

Boy and Girl establish Adaptive Foundation.  Boy & Girl make a difference. 

Boy & Girl enjoy fancy cocktails. Boy & Girl must soak up alcohol.   

Boy & Girl frequent iHop at 2am.  Boy & Girl become inseparable.

Boy & Girl see shooting star.  Boy & Girl fall in love. 

Boy & Girl both crave adventure.   Boy & Girl move to New York.  

Boy & Girl experience Covid Pandemic.  Boy & Girl don't kill each other! 

Boy & Girl watch Perseid meteor shower.  Boy & Girl are in awe.

Boy & Girl move to Washington.  Boy & Girl go ski.

Boy & Girl both love the ocean.  Boy & Girl go kayak. 


Boy asks Girl to dinner one night.  Girl declines due to Covid non-maskers.

Boy convinces Girl to go. Girl reluctantly obliges. 

Boy asks Girl to marry him!  Girl stares at Boy in shock. 

Boy asks girl same question again.  Girl hugs Boy with YES! 

Boy gives Girl a perfect ring.  Girl knows she's found her Prince. 

Boy & Girl plan Aruba Wedding.  Boy & Girl have fun.

Girl gets Boy a meteorite ring.  Boy knows Girl is The One.


His Story:

 A  R I S K Y  P R O P O S A L  

Agreed, theirs was a friendship never to risk on the alter of love.  They

both resisted the creeping feeling they were falling.  With a shooting

star & tequila flowing, the feeling was undeniable.


Responding to the request she face reality, Jules scoffed: “Is that what we’re doing? Dating?” while gesturing insistently to pass the calamari. 

Jules refused to discuss dating when we flew off to England. 

She said the topic was off limits when we spent New Year in Paris. 

All marriage talk was prohibited on our mission to Lesotho. 

BUT the adoption conversation, well, that was constantly allowed!

It was the time of COVID during the Pacific Northwest winter when most

outdoor venues were under contract to 'Alone and Afraid.'  A good restaurant with outdoor seating (that didn’t involve frostbite) was a challenge to find

- as they were booked fifty-three years in advance. 

However, a candidate in Seattle emerged...  


“Let’s just go out for dinner” I entreated, never hinting at the possibility I might propose.  I made the reservation for Friday night so there would be plenty

of time to arrange the secret proposal with the staff the day before. 

Julia however was uncomfortable with the Covid non-masking

crowds & demanded I change the reservation to Thursday night so

fewer people would be there. “Hello”, the voice recording said,

"We're closed until Thursday afternoon" 



Thursday afternoon came & the restaurant called back.  Of course

nothing worked out as I'd planned!  All private dining was

Covid-cancelled, so a regular outdoor table was all they could

offer.  I was informed however, their dark little side yard "garden"

could be used for the secret proposal, but they advised me not to 

kneel as it was full of mud and standing water!


“I’m going for a run” I told her on Thursday, when in reality I went

to the florist to pick up the flowers, then on to the Jeweller to get the

ring.  The floral arrangement, to be set up at our table by the Maitre

d' after dinner & the side yard proposal, wasn’t as ordered.  The florist

decided to ignore my request for 24 long stemmed roses packed in

a carry box so I could hide & transport in their car.  Instead, Lawrence

the Florist, cut the 24 roses down to 10” and put them in some kind of

cardboard box.  "Who cuts long stemmed roses down to 10 inches?" I murmured.  Lawrence the Florist, that's who!

Back at the apartment Jules didn't suspect anything, and in fine style, we were running late for the dinner at which I planned to propose.  Jules suggested we cancel and go somewhere closer. “This match will not

be postponed!” I barked like George C. Scott in "Patton," as we drove to

the restaurant, creating tension and not adding to the “perfect mood”

for the "perfect proposal."  Finally, after getting lost a few times and at this point horribly late, we sprinted into the restaurant.  Greeted

with a calming smile (& a discreet wink) by the maître d', we were shown

to our table. 

Dinner was stellar until Jules needed the loo!  She excused herself & walked

in the exact direction that I was supposed to steer her in for the secret proposal.  I followed quickly, spying on her through the glass door of the interior she had to enter to get to the bathroom.  I watched in horror as

the staff happily prepped the roses, champagne and dessert display (just

as I'd asked them to do) but now, all in open view of Jules, as she

passed by them to go to the loo.  Had she noticed?  She had not!  So, in

super stalk-o-matic mode, I took up post outside the bathroom, to

intercept & prevent her from returning to our table where the display

would be presented. 

“Hey, what are you doing here?” she said, startled, as I loomed out of

the darkness upon her exit.  I told her I had to use the men’s room, knowing full well there was no separate men’s room & that she had been in the

only loo in the building.  Had she noticed it was a single unisex bathroom? 

She had not!  “I found this beautiful garden I want to show you" I

said as I steered her back outside.  She noted the cold weather & urged

we return to our table so we could order dessert & a hot drink.  Winning her over with my charm however, I guided us into the dark, muddy side yard garden which had no seats due to quicksand hazards!


Taking her in my arms, I asked Jules if she wanted to hear a song. 

Adapting the immortal words of Eric Clapton, I sang into her ear: 




She smiled, not sure what was happening, and I asked her to marry

me. Blank expression.  "Wha-at?" A sigh, & I repeated it.

At that moment, I saw it in her eyes and I knew she had understood. 

I also knew what the answer would be.

Returning to the table with the ring on her finger, she found the roses,

dessert & chilled champagne beautifully displayed on the table.  All the

staff & patrons eyes were fixed on her with clapping hands, loving

gasps & massive smiles. It was indeed perfection.

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